Local Music Collective – Launches Mentors for Young Musicians Program

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LMC Launches Mentor Program

As you may remember from our last newsletter, Local Music Collective (LMC) members have set an extremely ambitious goal for themselves.  Through a program called LMC Mentors for Young Musicians and funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, many members have stepped forward to offer their services as musical friends and instructors for the area’s aspiring young musicians.  These members hope to provide inspiration and support to the next generation of local musicians.  And, although our mentor slots are full, you can still lend a hand!

Volunteers are needed to help staff an information table on the day of the Lewisburg Arts Festival on Saturday, April 25.  These volunteers will be distributing and explaining programs containing mentor bios and sign-up forms for the mentoring event, which will follow in exactly one week.

Mentors for Young Musicians will begin at the Heiter Community Center on North Fifth Street in Lewisburg at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 2.  Our very generous mentors have agreed to help host a musical “petting zoo” for children to get eyes and hands on a full array of musical instruments.  Members have volunteered to bring their own instruments to show and explain to kids, and Sides Music will be bringing a number of brass and wind instruments for kids to check out as well.

The volunteers are also making themselves available to the beginning musicians for a series of three lessons, to take place over the summer at the Heiter Center, for the very nominal fee of $5/lesson.  Our hope is that young players will find both the instruments and the teachers that match their individual interests and personalities, and – voila – musicians will be hatched!

The instrument petting zoo at the Heiter Center will be held from 1:00 to 4:00, and will be followed immediately by a FREE 60 – 90 minute jam/concert that brings our volunteer mentors onstage along with many of the young musicians who have signed up for lessons.

This concert will feature a number of our mentor volunteers as song leaders.  Those of you who have already offered to be mentors are reminded that there are still available slots for additional jam leaders.  A song leader would select the tune, recruit musicians to play with him/her, and consider whether there are ways to include some of the young musicians in the song—perhaps to provided rhythmic accompaniment, sing along on the chorus, or something even more creative.

Additional volunteers will be needed on this day at the Heiter Center to serve as greeters and guides who can help kids and their parents find their way to the musicians they have selected as potential mentors.

Lots of LMC members are on board for this initiative, but we can still use more help!  If you have a couple hours to spare on the day of the Arts Fest (Saturday, April 25, 2015) or on the following Saturday (May 2, 2015), please contact John Sweeney at 570 394-6424 and let us know when you are available.  C’mon out and support your very own Local Music Collective!!

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